Episode 09: Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of MLK's Assassination

In this episode, Ikhlas and Lane are joined by the founder of Campaign for School Equity, Mendell Grinter, to commemorate the date of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination 50 years ago. They discuss why Dr. King’s dream is still relevant today and what needs to be done to see it completely realized in the future. [spp-player url=http://traffic.libsyn.com/voices4ed/09_-_Education_Post_-_MLK_50th.mp3]

Episode Details:

  • Lane and Ikhlas catch up since it's been a long time since their last episode [1:29]
  • How the commemoration of Dr. King’s assassination resonates with Ikhlas and Lane [5:41]
  • How this commemoration is a great opportunity to reflect on the progress toward’s Dr. King’s dream [15:53]
  • What Dr. King’s assassination means to Mendell as a resident of Memphis [25:29]
  • Whether or not education is the primary civil rights issue of our times [29:09]
  • The impact that Brown v. Board of Education had on Memphis and how that has affected the city’s current integration efforts [37:16]
  • What success of the dream looks like in Memphis [41:55]
  • How close we are to realizing Dr. King’s dream [46:21]
[spp-tweet tweet="“We spend way too much time trying to figure out which of these issues is the issue that we fix and it solves everything, and honestly, I think we should know by now that it just doesn’t work like that.” – Mendell Grinter"]

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