Episode 40: Demanding a Family-Centered Response to Coronavirus (ft. Parent Activists Anise and Yolanda)

May 26, 2020 12:00:00 AM

In this episode, you'll hear from Anise Walker and Yolanda Corbett about the state of education in Washington D.C. during COVID-19 and the challenges that parents face when they try to get a seat at the table.

Anise Walker is a Restorative Practices Specialist with DC Public Schools, an adjunct professor at Trinity University, and a Parent Organizer with PAVE.

Yolanda Corbett is a parent activist focused on expanding her own impact through professional development. She currently works with two DC-based education advocacy groups, PAVE and PALS. She has a larger goal of becoming a part of her community’s Advisory Neighborhood Commission, as well as run for Ward 7 State Board of Education Representative.

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[spp-tweet tweet="“We put our hearts out there and put our experience there because transparency is the only thing that's going to move change.” – Yolanda Corbett"]

Episode Details:

  • How to get a group of parents to work together
  • The state of education in Washington DC during COVID-19
  • How education is being affected by COVID-19
  • Issues that need to be addressed before the education system in DC can function again
  • Which voices are overshadowing parents
  • How to get more involved with your child's education

Links Mentioned:

[spp-tweet tweet="“It's about not just our child, but every child.” – Anise Walker"]

Tags: activism, COVID-19, public schools, featured

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