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What's an IEP and How to Ensure Your Child's Needs Are Met?

If you have a child with disabilities, you’re not alone: According to the latest data, over 7 million American schoolchildren — 14% of all students ages 3-21 — are classified as eligible for special...

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EXPLAINED: How 'informal removal' hurts students with disabilities

For every parent who has heard, “You need to pick up your child now. They’re acting up,” there is a student with a disability being unfairly removed from their learning environment. It’s not...

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Charter Schools

Explained: What Is the Federal Charter Schools Program?

In 1993, when charter schools were a new, bipartisan idea, President Bill Clinton proposed supporting them with federal funds. Two years later, Congress made it happen by putting $6 million into...

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Explained: How to Run for Your Local School Board

(this article was updated March 13, 2024) School boards (in some states “school committees”) sit at the intersection of civic engagement, local politics, and community service. The school board is a...

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Should Schools Offer More Remote Options?

As schools across the country return to in-person learning, parents are divided. We thought the pandemic was over and, suddenly, with the surge of the Delta variant of COVID-19, it’s not. We thought...

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EXPLAINED: What Is Title I and How Is It Used to Fund Our Schools?

When national politicians and lobbyists argue we should spend more money on K-12 education, they’re almost always talking about increasing allocations for a federal funding stream called “Title I,”...

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