Sheri Rodman

Sheri Rodman joined the America Achieves team in 2014. She currently serves as the director of data and operations where she provides strategic leadership in building networks of educators and regional pathways for high school students and adults to access good jobs. During the course of her career, Sheri built the New York Educator Voice Fellowship at America Achieves, provided leadership opportunities for teachers at Teach Plus, helped select Teaching Fellow candidates at TNTP and taught high school math in Washington, D.C. Sheri earned a bachelor's in economics from the University of Michigan, and a master's in education from American University.

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Your Voice Matters. Your Students Need You. Speak Up.

I had a classroom with three walls when I first started teaching. A bookshelf separated my classroom from the neighboring one. My students ranged from 14- to 18-years-old—and I was 21. Things were...

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