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Maureen Kelleher is Editorial Director at Future Ed. She was formerly Editorial Partner at Ed Post and is a veteran education reporter, a former high school English teacher, and also the proud mom of an elementary student in Chicago Public Schools. Her work has been published across the education world, from Education Week to the Center for American Progress. Between 1998 and 2006 she was an associate editor at Catalyst Chicago, the go-to magazine covering Chicago’s public schools. There, her reporting won awards from the Annie E. Casey Foundation, the International Reading Association and the Society for Professional Journalists.

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What AP African American Studies and “The Holdovers” Have in Common

Too often, when people hear the words “intellectual rigor,” they associate it with a cantankerous, sage-on-the-stage pedagogy. The most recent pop-culture take on the stereotype appears in “The...

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NCLB at 20: The Law Sparked a School Data Revolution

Before the federal No Child Left Behind Act, the country’s view of school data was blurry, if available at all. Twenty years later, the picture is much clearer, and both supporters and critics of the...

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The So-Called Parents Bill of Rights Recycles a Dangerous Playbook

A fast-tracked, Republican-backed, federal Parents Bill of Rights is scheduled to go to the House floor today. At first glance, the bill seems innocuous. But it is the latest salvo in a culture war...

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Social Emotional Learning

POLL: Public School Parents Want SEL in Schools, Divisive Parents Out

New polling released today by the National Parents Union (NPU) shows substantial majorities of public school parents want an end to parent-led censorship in schools and a stop to violent threats...

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A New Educational Future Requires New Allies

When school doors reopened after the prolonged shift to virtual classes sparked by the pandemic, it signaled the end of the once-robust conversation about public education’s woefully inadequate...

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Let’s Expand Schools’ Thinking about Student Success

Especially in the wake of pandemic school disruption, it’s time to develop a new, more holistic definition of student success, NewSchools Venture Fund CEO Frances Messano argues in her essay for...

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