Karega Rausch

Karega Rausch, Ph.D., is the National Association of Charter School Authorizers (NACSA) President and CEO. He leads and manages NACSA’s work to increase knowledge of quality authorizing practices and policies by shaping and managing a research agenda that further defines effective authorizing. Karega is a former charter schools director with the Indianapolis Mayor’s Office; founded and served as director of the Indianapolis affiliate of Stand for Children, a national educational advocacy nonprofit; and was on the leadership team of Indiana University’s Equity Project, housed at the Center for Evaluation and Education Policy. Karega has authored and co-authored numerous professional publications, and has presented at more than 50 research conferences across the country on charter school authorizing, racial/ethnic disproportionality in school discipline and special education reform. Karega earned his doctorate in educational psychology and master’s degree from Indiana University.

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Charter Schools

Communities Are Demanding Excellent Educational Opportunities. It's Time We Do Something Different.

In this moment, shaped by both the global pandemic and enduring racial inequities, excellent educational opportunities that communities are rightly demanding have never been more important. And NACSA...

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