Hope Teague-Bowling

Hope Teague-Bowling is an English teacher at the American Community School of Abu Dhabi and previously at Lincoln High in Tacoma, Washington. For her blog, An Educated Guess, she writes and speaks about faith, social justice, education policy, and other topics. She also co-hosts the "Interchangeable White Ladies" podcast.

Posts By Hope Teague-Bowling


Teachers, Find Your Fellowship to Fight White Supremacy

In a society that is built upon white supremacy, where we all play a role in upholding its grasp, and so many of us benefit from it, how can we commit, together, to seeing it destroyed? I rewatched...

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Students of Color Experience an Endless Parade of White Women

In our eagerness to do what’s right for kids and to try to embrace justice work, we’ve missed something essential. Our house is still messy, untidy, and oppressive. I leaned hard into my identity as...

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White Teachers, We Need to Make Schools Welcoming to People of Color

Every time a new article or video about the lack of teachers of color in the classroom is released, I listen to White teachers declare surprise, confusion and even shock. Their reaction is a perfect...

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