Heidi Oliver-O’Gilvie

Dr. Heidi Oliver-O’Gilvie is the Director of Leadership Development at Anne Arundel County Public Schools. A lifelong literacy enthusiast, Dr. Oliver-O’Gilvie is also a consultant and expert on leadership for diversity and equity. She holds a bachelor's degree in social work from Virginia State University, a master’s degree in education, supervision and instruction from Howard University and a doctorate in teacher education from the University of Maryland College Park. Dr. Oliver-O’Gilvie lives in Upper Marlboro, MD with her husband, two children and pet turtle. She is active on social media and regularly engages in social justice activism and educator support campaigns.

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opportunity gap

5 Ways School Leaders Can Begin to Better Equip Themselves to Deal With the Challenge We're Facing

One of my mentors begins each interrogative problem-solving conversation with the same question, “Who knew what, when, and what did you do about it?” The question pushes us to think and rely on our...

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