Emma Volpe

Emma Volpe is an educator based in Nashville, Tennessee who has been with Rocketship United Academy since its starting year in 2015. She has had several roles with Rocketship including learning lab manager, founding third grade Humanities teacher, and is currently an EL specialist for upper grades. She is also a Teach For America and University of Virginia alum. Outside of teaching, Emma loves to spend time outside with her dog, drink coffee and sing-along to musical soundtracks while making breakfast.

Posts By Emma Volpe


Teachers Shouldn't Tiptoe Around Politics When It Directly Impacts Our Students

“Don’t talk politics and religion at the dinner table.” I presume I’m not the only one who was brought up with this unspoken rule. With a politically-neutral immigrant father and a politically silent...

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School Choice

Before a Child Can Learn They Need to Feel Safe and Cared For

The life of a high-powered literary agent in New York City seems about the farthest thing from my life as a teacher serving largely low-income students in southeast Nashville. It is certainly far...

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