Dr. Jeff Dillon, Superintendent

Dr. Jeff Dillon has served as the superintendent of the Wilder School District in Wilder, Idaho for the past 10 years. During his tenure in the district, he has successfully turned around a targeted failing, rural, 100% free and reduced lunch, school-wide Title 1 elementary school. Dillon received Apple’s ConnectED grant award, and his district was identified as one of the top 25 most innovative districts in the nation. He was awarded the AASA Learning 2025 Demonstration System as an exemplary successful innovative district for others to model after. Dillon is a member of the Institute for Education Innovation, a national school superintendent think tank driving change in education.

Posts By Dr. Jeff Dillon, Superintendent


Use Competency- Based Learning to Promote Student Equity

The telltale signs of a student who was up late at night working a part-time job are impossible to miss: shuffling down the hallway as they head to their first class, sporting bed-head hair and bags...

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