Doron Zinger

Doron Zinger Ph.D. is a STEM teacher educator focused on preparing teachers who will be social justice-focused change agents in schools. He is the director of the UC Irvine CalTeach program, a 4-year STEM bachelors and preliminary credential program. Doron also teaches in the program and has worked extensively in developing a culturally responsive, and anti-racist socially just curriculum and instruction. Doron was formerly a high school science teacher and school administrator in Santa Ana and Coachella. He researches and studies how novice science and math teachers learn and develop their teaching identities.

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whole child

It's Time to Dump Deficit-Based Data

As the school year begins, we hear lots of deficit-laden words like “Title I,” “tough,” “low-income,” and “low-achieving” to describe primarily Black and brown students in schools. Where does this...

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