Desiree Martinez

Desiree Martinez, was born and raised in South Central Los Angeles and is currently in her fourth year at UCLA. As a first generation college student, Desiree is heavily involved in combating educational inequity in her community. Upon realizing that there were more Latinos among the custodial staff than there were among her UCLA classmates, she began to advocate for education reform in order to fight for the empty seats in higher education that her classmates never had the opportunity to fill. Desiree is in her third year working as an AVID tutor at International Studies Learning Center in South Gate, California. Additionally, she is a lead organizer for Students for Education Reform (SFER) at UCLA, an organization that empowers college students to become grassroots organizers in their community.

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Stop Telling Students They Need to Leave 'The Hood' to Be Successful

“¡Mija, ya vamonos! Es hora de ir a la escuela.” I quickly shoved my notebook into my blue Jansport backpack, careful to not widen the hole growing on the bottom left-hand corner of the bag, and...

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