Derwin Sisnett

A native New Yorker, Derwin Sisnett was born and raised in a neighborhood in desperate need of revitalization. While he attended a high performing high school in an affluent part of the city, his daily commute to and from school highlighted the stark contrast between the two neighborhoods. His passion for developing holistic communities was born from that experience. Derwin has spent the last decade in community development and public education, with a particular focus on maximizing community assets. Derwin earned a BA in Psychology from Emory University, an MFA in Creative Writing from Hollins University, and is currently wrapping up a PhD in Educational Psychology from the University of Memphis. Derwin is also a Pahara-Aspen Fellow and a Broad Academy Fellow.

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How This Organization Is Developing Communities With Education at Its Core

A great school is vital to every community, but it's only one part. A new organization, Maslow Development Inc., knows this and they're working to build vibrant communities around the nation by tying...

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