Camille Jones

Camille Jones is an instructional technology coach in Central Washington State, and the 2017 Washington State Teacher of the Year. Prior to COVID-19, she spent 10 years teaching elementary students. For her classroom focus on nurturing the strengths and talents of all students, Bill Gates named Camille one of his 2017 "Heroes in the Field."

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The Elections Are Over, But Education Politics Aren't. Are You Ready?

Elections have consequences. This phrase is often cited, and in the wake of last week’s elections, I find myself alongside other educators, reeling in the wake of the consequences that are already...

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whole child

An Election Alone Fixes Nothing. So, What's Next?

The people of the United States have voted to replace Donald Trump with Joe Biden. It is the first step in repairing the massive rifts in our democratic society. This moment feels good to those...

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student support

In a Virtual Setting, Let Your Students Make the Rules on Cameras

Mention cameras during distance learning and you’ll instantly evoke passion, stress, and even fear, in teachers and students alike. Last month, I listened as a high school senior shared his story...

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