Allison Simpson

Allison Simpson is a working mother of two beautiful daughters. Allison became an education advocate five years ago when searching for a school that fit her daughter’s needs for kindergarten. Feeling alone and realizing the process was not simple for parents on the go, Allison dedicated her time to advocating for a change in the system so that all families would have equal access to a quality education.

Posts By Allison Simpson

Parent Involvement

We're Real Parents With Real Issues and We Need Solutions to Fix Our Schools

When my daughter is on the playground, I see her playing with kids from district, charter and private schools, and even some others who are homeschooled. Never once have I heard a child at the park...

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Need a Good School for Your Kid? I'm Here to Tell You That You Have Options

My mom used to say, “Allison, you have two things against you, you’re female and you’re Black—and because of that, you’ll have to work harder than your peers your whole life.” And she was right. In...

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