VIDEO: Why I Drive More Than an Hour a Day in L.A. Traffic to Get My Kid a Great Education

Meet Alma Marquez. The California native has over 25 years of experience working with parents in the Latino community to find and fight for great public schools for their kids. Things weren't easy for Marquez. She herself struggled to finish high school. "Because I fell through the cracks in high school, I was committed and absolutely determined to make sure that would not happen to my kid," Marquez says.

Click Below to Watch Alma's Story It's why she was committed to finding the best school for her daughter. "I did everything I needed to do to find a good school for her, including traveling 45 minutes each way in L.A. traffic to get her to school."  Marquez's activism doesn't stop with her own child. "So much of [pullquote position="right"]my life now is about fighting for other people's children," she says. In fact, she joined with other women in her community to create the La Comadre blog, a place for "moms, tias, ninas and play-tias" to support each other in navigating the many difficult but critical decisions about school. Marquez believes that education is the key to improving communities and giving kids options in life. "I am very much committed to making sure that we get more children out of poverty, and education is the only way to do that."
Photo of Alma Marquez.
Mike Orie