VIDEO: This Eighth-Grader Will Remind You Why Every Child Deserves to Be Surrounded by Adults Who Believe in Them

Click Below to Watch Kim's Story How many Kim Wilborns are out there? Kids who are overlooked because they come from straitened circumstances? Black students stereotyped as underachievers? Children learning English who are not encouraged to take more challenging classes? Kids waiting for someone to take a genuine interest in who they are? If you regularly read our blog, you may already be aware of Kim’s powerful story of how she overcame family trauma to blossom into a high-achieving leader at her school, Perspectives Middle Academy. But as mature as she comes across through words, there was nothing to prepare me for how charismatic Kim is in person. She sparkles. The determination she shows in succeeding is only surpassed by the hugeness of her heart. Watch for yourself. See what happens when a school and its dedicated staff reach out to a troubled child and let her become who she is. It’s magical. It’s also hard work. The belief gap, the gulf between what students can achieve and what others believe they can achieve, will only end when brave educators like those of Perspectives forge connections to the Kim Wilborns of the world, the neglected students who want to be helped and recognized. More than ever, with the damaging effects of racial bias in schools making front page news, students of color need to be told they matter—and they can achieve. This video is a message of hope for every Kim Wilborn out there, who believes in her ability to excel despite the many barriers she faces, and for the committed educators who push her farther than she ever imagined. The better conversation starts here.