VIDEO: The World Is Changing and These Students Won't Be Left Behind

ReSchool Colorado is an initiative that is reimagining the school system with individual learners at the center of their own education. The video below tells the story from the perspective of a learner, a teacher, and an advocate, as well as the team of people supporting them along the way. It features an apprentice at Denver’s  Prodigy Coffeehouse named Sha’Ron, who is learning there after leaving traditional school. Her workplace experience is one piece of the bigger ReSchool vision, where an Advocate Network connects students with educational resources based on their talents and interests. The idea is that learning can happen anywhere, at any age, and often outside the walls of a traditional school. Also included in the film is Colorado Academy, a school with flexible, adaptable learning experiences for students. Two of the school’s teachers are interviewed, as well as with Nate Easley, executive director of the Denver Scholarship Foundation, Steph Frances from Prodigy Ventures and Amy Anderson (me!), ReSchool’s managing director. You can check out the profiles of a few individuals featured in the film, including Sha’Ron, Claudia, a ReSchool Advocate, and Paul Kim, a teacher at Colorado Academy. The film was created by the SKOOL Project, a multi-platform global storytelling initiative whose mission is to entertain, inspire, engage audiences and help to create a paradigm shift in education that empowers a new generation for the challenges and opportunities of a new world. The SKOOL Project will release a full-length film featuring models such as ReSchool in 2018.