VIDEO: Students of Color at America's Top Schools Are Made to Feel Thankful for Just Being There

I recently wrote an article articulating my frustrations about fetishizing and valuing folks of color at elite institutions and wanted to follow-up with a video sharing the voices of other students of color. As students of color, we deserve to be able to express how we really feel about our complicated existence within "elite" institutions. However, it's often not safe or viable for most minority students to openly express their thoughts. The Class Confessions Facebook pages give first-generation and low-income students the opportunity to speak freely and anonymously about their experiences. Check out the video below from BBC Trending on Columbia University Class Confessions.  

At the end of the day, we just want to be able to belong and exist freely with our truths, our realities and our experiences. We don’t want to have to compromise our values, morals, ethics and realities in order to belong and assimilate. Given local and world history, we honestly shouldn’t have to at all. It is the very least that White supremacy, colonialism and imperialism owes us for all the atrocities of the past to the contemporary.
An original version of this post appeared on The Tab as Minorities at America's Top Schools Are Made to Feel Thankful for Just Being There.
Mike Orie