Share Your School Choice Story, Win $15,000

Here at Education Post we’re always trying to spark better conversations around improving our public schools. A big part of that work is giving voice to parents and students who have or need better options. So what I’m about to tell you is one of those things I wish we would have thought of first. It’s an awesome idea. Our friends at ExcelinEd, a national education nonprofit based in South Florida, are launching a video contest. Like us, they want to see more firsthand stories of people who have exercised school choice, or people who really need it. [pullquote position="right"]All you need is your cell phone, and a story to tell. Were you able to get yourself, or your child, out of a school that wasn’t meeting your needs? Did you find a better option? A better fit? Was it a charter school, a virtual school or homeschool? Maybe you got into a magnet school or were able to get into a better traditional school you weren’t zoned for. Even private schools can count as choice, especially if you used a tax-credit scholarship or voucher to get into a better situation. The point is, if you or your child went through any of those types of experiences and came out the better for it, you should tell people. And if you’re in a place where there are no choices, where you’re stuck in a failing school, or one that simply isn’t meeting your needs, that’s a story the world needs to hear too. Your stories are valuable because of how they can move the conversation forward around school choice. And it doesn’t hurt that you could win $15,000 for it either.

Contest Rules

For all the rules and details, visit Choices in Ed. Here are the basics.
  1. Record a short video, two minutes or less, telling your school-choice story. Show us how school choice made a difference for you and your family.
  2. Send it in before December 1.
  3. Be a student, parent or guardian, or alumni of a school choice program. Or be a person who wants more school choice options in your state.
Three people will each win a grand prize of $15,000 cash. Three finalists will each win $5,000. Two People’s Choice winners will take home a $5,000 cash prize. And it doesn’t necessarily stop there. ExcelinEd is also interested in finding people who can be spokespersons for school choice. So who knows, your video could win you some money, and launch you into a new career. I’m excited to see the stories that come out of this context. Good luck!