A Letter to Louis C.K.: I’m Still Not Over the Common Core Thing

Dear Louie, Like many, I love your comedy. I count down the days until your next comedy special and quote your bits on a daily basis. I even watched “Lucky Louie” on HBO. (Yeah, I was dedicated.) But one thing I have never seen eye-to-eye with you on is Common Core. You may remember your famous tweet that Common Core makes your kids cry. And sure, I could go into how I was taught math not using Common Core and I still cried. Like, really cried. Went through multiple tissues. (Of course, I also cried when Arthur lost Pal—it was an emotional time in our lives.) Your comedic Twitter outburst may seem like old news now and since then you’ve even left the twittersphere entirely—so you’re probably wondering why I am bringing this up. I’ll let a teacher explain… Sincerely, Hanna