Educators Who See the Potential in Every Child Inspire Us All

Eric Brandt gets it. He knows there are gaps—in achievement, opportunities, and beliefs—between his own two boys and the children that he serves every day at his school in Denver. He's in a position to close the gaps and he works hard every day to do just that.
It is crucial that kids at my school have the same opportunities as (my sons)... and have teachers who have the same high expectations that my sons' teachers have for them in a different school district.
Educators who see the potential in every child inspire us all. They inspire students to work hard and adults to keep their expectations high. If we follow their lead the gaps will close. The America Achieves Fellowship is committed to helping great teachers and principals share what's happening in their schools with parents and the public. If you ever want to talk to a teacher to learn how education policies play out in the classroom, let me know at We'd love to help!
Charlie is the Program Director for State Fellowships at America Achieves, where he has led the creation of teacher leadership programs in Colorado, Michigan and New York.