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You Won't Find Anyone Who Appreciates Teachers More Than John King

Brett Peiser, current CEO of Uncommon Schools, writes at The Hechinger Report about John King's total dedication to teachers. Peiser and King founded Uncommon Schools together and Peiser still seems to be in awe of King's relentless efforts as principal to support and collaborate with his teachers. He remembers King being hard to find in the building because he was almost always in classrooms working hard to inspire, support, and partner with teachers so that lessons could be great and they could see the enormous difference they were making in the lives of their students. He reflects on King's belief that raising achievement for kids can't happen if teachers don't feel successful and that great teachers are made, not born.
No one knows the power of a great teacher as much as John does. Having lost both of his educator parents before the age of 12 and being moved among family members in Brooklyn, John credits public school teachers with saving his life. John taught us that in order to change kids’ lives, schools needed to be designed so teachers had the time, tools, and resources to effectively teach. John knew that great teaching was made, not born. As John goes about the work of improving the lives of children across America, he will do that with the deep understanding that raising student achievement is only possible when teachers feel successful. John knows that teachers are the key in any school — and the more they feel supported, secure, and inspired, the more our students will learn.

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