Common Core State Standards (CCSS)

Yet Another Common Core Conspiracy Story

Not sure how many folks caught this rather histrionic commentary on Common Core from Al Jazeera America, penned by Nicholas Tampio, an associate professor of political science at Fordham University. In it, Tampio positions College Board president David Coleman as the nefarious mastermind behind the plot to undermine the U.S. economy and our democratic culture. There is much to quibble with here, but let’s start with the obvious: the title and subtitle.
David Coleman’s Plan to Ruin EducationWe’ll blame Al Jazeera’s headline writers, since Mr. Tampio never accused Coleman of PLANNING to “ruin education”—just doing it inadvertently. And sure, Coleman was a pivotal player in creating the standards, but it’s misleading to describe him as an “architect.” Dozens of top experts were involved in writing and editing. The architect of Common Core must be stopped In the summer of 2008, David Coleman changed the course of American education. For decades, reformers had argued that the country needed a national standards-based model of education to ensure economic prosperity. He helped make that a reality by convincing Bill Gates to support the Common Core State Standards initiative, to the tune of over $200 million. … Under Common Core, from the time they enter kindergarten to the time they graduate from high school, students will have few opportunities Aw, c’mon, Prof. Tampio. Common Core has been blamed for a lot of things, but quashing student questions and ideas isn’t even in the ballpark. to ask their own questions or come up with their own ideas. It’s time for Americans to find alternatives to Coleman’s educational vision.

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