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Why Education Should Be a Priority for Speaker Ryan

As Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) assumes the office of Speaker of the House of Representatives the time is now more than ever for him to address the challenges of education reform and garner bipartisan support on laws that will provide a high-quality education for students that need it the most. Chris Stewart of Education Post writes on why and how Speaker Ryan can make education a top priority.
The challenge for Speaker Ryan with regards to education reform will be to find middle ground, to do what he will be tasked to do time and time again as leader, create legislation which has bipartisan support. Both sides can agree on a need to ‘allocate our financial resources effectively and efficiently to improve education,’ and they can also agree that our nation’s education standards and student performance must improve for the sake of student success and global competitiveness. But what won’t be agreed upon is risking the chance of a high-quality education for students most in need. Students of color and students from low-income neighborhoods face the greatest impact at the end of the day.

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