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When We Didn't Find the Right Public School on Chicago's South Side, We Chose Private Instead

As first-time parents, my husband and I were tasked with the difficult decision on where to send our son, Kamren, to school for pre-K. Sadly, we were limited in our options because many of the traditional public and charter schools near our home don’t offer pre-K programs. So, we narrowed our search to private schools and ultimately decided to enroll Kamren at St. Margaret of Scotland (SMOS). Our choice depended on a couple of factors. One of our greatest priorities was finding a school that was known for its academics. SMOS’ principal is very hands-on and supportive. The school invests in its staff’s development and resources that they feel will aid student success, and we thought that was extremely important. They also have a very diverse curriculum that helps students begin to think about their desired careers and develop various talents sooner rather than later. With those factors alone, they have outperformed most private and neighborhood schools on the South Side. My husband, Regi, attended Holy Angels as a child so he actually preferred that we send Kamren to a Catholic school. He values the structure, family inclusion, faith and service components that Catholic schools have to offer and knows that these things will help our son grow into a well-rounded man. Regi also believes that Catholic schools hold their parents and students to a higher standard than traditional public schools. He is adamant about Kamren only attending a magnet school or continuing his studies at SMOS for K-12. Lastly, the staff made us feel right at home when we went to visit the school. Since school started a few weeks ago, there have been several events held by the school to engage parents. The teachers have been very communicative and we feel that our son is adjusting well to this new environment. And lastly, what made this choice even better was the tuition. We were paying $800 a month for Kamren to attend daycare and now we only pay half that amount for tuition. It also doesn't hurt that the school is in close proximity to our home! All in all, we extremely happy with the choice we made and are sure that our son is going to benefit tremendously from his time at St. Margaret of Scotland!
Regi Brown is parent to four-year-old Kamren. He is a graduate of Northern Illinois University and aspires to pave a pathway for Kamren to receive a quality and well-rounded education.

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