J. Gordon Wright

A Website to Help Parents Become Common Core “Heroes”

We talk a lot about the hard work that teachers are doing to meet the higher standards of the Common Core, but when schools are calling all of the parents in for “Math Night”—as my kids’ school did last week—it hit me that the teachers aren’t the only ones who have a role in this. Fortunately, a new website from the Collaborative for Student Success seeks to help parents navigate the transition to Common Core. BeALearningHero.org provides a straightforward explanation of the standards, along with well-organized links to resources for parents like me to know what our kids are learning and how we can support them. This certainly isn’t the first website seeking to help parents navigate Common Core. But BeALearningHero.org wisely recognizes that, linking instead to the helpful toolkits, growth charts and videos already created by organizations such as the National PTA, Khan Academy, the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, and many others. And this parent, for one, is glad that all of these resources can now be found in one place.
J. Gordon Wright
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