Peter Cunningham

VIDEO: Peter Cunningham Visits the Lion’s Den at the Network for Public Education

So I did my panel with Jennifer Berkshire (a.k.a. “Edushyster") in front of an audience of education reform opponents at the Network for Public Education conference in North Carolina. For the most part, people respectfully disagreed with me but the rhetoric was rarely, if ever, over the top. Several thanked me for showing up. Several took my card and I expect to hear from them. Others approached me afterwards to help me understand why I am wrong about standards, accountability and charters. Ms. Berkshire and I both agreed it was a pretty good conversation and vowed to keep it going. You can watch it here and decide for yourself.

What's Next in the Education Reform Wars? A Spirited Conversation between Jennifer Berkshire (EduShyster) and Peter Cunningham, from Schoolhouse Live on Vimeo.

Peter Cunningham
Peter Cunningham is the founder of Education Post and serves on its board. He served as Assistant Secretary for communications and outreach in the U.S. Department of Education during the Obama administration’s first term. Prior to that he worked with Arne Duncan when he was CEO of the Chicago Public Schools. Peter is affiliated with Whiteboard ...

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