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VIDEO: How a Teacher Inspired Her to Come Back and Teach at Her High School

Meet Daniela Felix. She was eight months pregnant when her teacher told her she got a 5 on the AP test. Now she’s a teacher at that same school.​ "I was almost due to have my daughter Alyssa and I got a call from my 11th-grade AP U.S. history teacher to tell me that I had earned a perfect five on the AP U.S. History exam," says Felix. "That was the moment that encapsulated my educational trajectory and reminded me that I am capable...that's the moment that made me want to become a teacher." https://www.facebook.com/BetterConversationBetterEducation/videos/699423340256364/ Fast forward several years later, and Felix has not only graduated from college, but this fall she started teaching at her high school alma mater through Teach For America. But things weren't always easy for Felix, a first-generation college graduate, as she explains in her post,  I’m a First-Generation Latina at UC Berkeley and I Thought I Wouldn’t Make It:
During my senior year of high school, I was accepted to UC Berkeley, and my dream became my reality. I felt as if I had reached the finish line and could finally breathe, said Felix. I quickly realized that this finish line only meant the beginning of another leg in a relay race. High school was my first segment, and college would be my second with many more hurdles to jump over.
It is stories like these that are important to bridging the educational gap and income disparities between first-generation college students and those who college are more accessible for.
Photo of Daniela Felix.
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