Michael Vaughn

Top Ten Ways to Have a Better Conversation in Education

In honor of David Letterman’s final show tonight, we present a Top Ten List for the education crowd. Here now are the top ten ways to have a “better conversation” about education.
  1. The BATs, DFER, NEA, and ED all merge and agree to re-acronym themselves into a new friendlier organization called FRED DANTEEB, complete with cute, huggable “FRED” mascot.
  2. The think tanks spend less time thinking and more time twerking.
  3. We all spend less time using any form of the word “pedagogy.”
  4. Duncan vs. Ravitch in a “Race to TOPeka”….on mopeds!
  5. Less focus on “higher bar,” more focus on “open bar.”
  6. In updating ESEA, which in its latest iteration is known as NCLB, we must use research-based evidence to determine if the consortia assessments—PARCC and SBAC—can be effectively implemented in a grade-band configuration. Just let that sink in. We actually say stuff like that.
  7. Six words, all together now: Common Core is not a curriculum.
  8. Peter Cunningham hosts a tea party for the Tea Party to discuss the appropriate federal role, while serving freshly baked cinnamon rolls!
  9. Less wonk, more funk.
And the #1 way to have a “better conversation” about education… Pearson ponies up some of those “over-testing profits,” and we all go to Finland to see what all the fuss is about!
Michael Vaughn is Director of Communications for Education Post.
Michael Vaughn
Michael Vaughn was the founding Communications Director of Education Post. Prior to that, Mike worked for 18 years in the communications offices of two urban school districts. He served in a variety of communications roles for the Chicago Public Schools starting in 1996, shortly after Mayor Richard M. Daley took control of CPS, and eventually served as the district's Communications Director until ...

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