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This Mom Says Hold On: I Know More About Educating My Kids Than You Think

Khulia Pringle, a Minnesota Mom and aspiring Teacher, recently wrote a hard hitting piece at Citizen Ed that garnered a lot of page views, engagement, and commentary. She has followed up with a second piece, equally as hard hitting about what she sees as her obligation as a teacher and as the obligation of a school. In her view, this work is hard and we either commit to not giving up on any kids, or we get out of the way and let someone else do the work.
In the school where I’m student teaching the students are 94% Black, and the teacher population is 100% White. Free and reduced lunch is 100%. Yet, the suspension rate is almost non-existent. That’s important because most of the young people I work with have been labeled as “animals” at some point in their life. I ask myself daily, do I give up on them too. Hell no. My job is to figure out how to engage each and every one of them – or leave.
Khulia Pringle is a parent organizer with Students for Education Reform-Minnesota and a teacher at a public charter school in St. Paul’s metro area.

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