Common Core State Standards (CCSS)

This Governor Is Right on the Issue but Wrong on the Details of Common Core

Unlike Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant, who we recently red-penned for misrepresenting the Common Core, former Alabama Governor Bob Riley is a fan of the standards. But that doesn’t seem to spare him from a bit of confusion about the federal government’s role in supporting them. As the National Journal’s Fawn Johnson describes:
When, exactly, did things start to go awry for the Common Core State Standards? Bob Riley, former Republican governor of Alabama, says it was when President Obama made Common Core adoption a requirement Adopting the Common Core was NEVER a requirement for any federal dollars, just one of many selection criteria—as we’ve said before. for states to be eligible for federal Race to the Top grant money. Before that point, Common Core was seen as a state-led, somewhat consensus-driven set of benchmarks that public school students should achieve by the end of high school. Sure, there were questions about whether the standards were too complex or how they would be measured. But they were not a political lightning rod.

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