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The Hypocrisy of the Anti-Reformers

Dmitri Mehlhorn, Democratic donor, activist, and investor, has written a piece for CitizenEd in which he calls out the utter hypocrisy of some of the most well known names in the anti-reform movement.  He highlights the absurdity of people like Diane Ravitch dismissing the very relevant life experiences of those who have have actually walked the walk and worked alongside America's neediest children, including President Obama and John King.
The attacks on Obama’s education leadership showcase the name-calling, deafness to evidence, and shameless hypocrisy of the extremist anti-reform movement in education. Recall Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis mocking Duncan for being an elitist (Lewis is an Ivy League graduate who owns several homes). More recently, Valerie Strauss posted that Duncan’s successor John King has “limited or no experience in public education” (Strauss is a journalist with no teaching experience). As always, however, the prize for Orwellian speech in attacking goes to Diane Ravitch. In April, she wrote: “We need leadership that believes in the joy of learning and in equality of educational opportunity. We have not had either for 15 years” (a period of time going back to when Ravitch was an influential leader in the world of education, and when she was actually advocating everything Duncan did).
Dmitri Mehlhorn
Dmitri Mehlhorn is a parent and school volunteer, as well as a Democratic donor and activist. He is a member of several boards, including that of StudentsFirst and several early stage companies, and he was a co-founder of Hope Street Group. He has earned degrees in political science, education policy and law from Stanford, Harvard, and Yale, respectively.

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