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The Great Thanksgiving Listen: Arne Duncan Reunites with Former Student

Anya Kamenetz of NPR shares the conversation from the reunion of Secretary of Education Arne Duncan with a former student from over twenty five years ago during his years working for Chicago Public Schools. Duncan participated in a Mentorship Program and Lwanda Duncan (no relation) was one of his mentees. Their conversation was part of a StoryCorps project called the Great Thanksgiving Listen.
I can remember when I finished Robert Morris [University] and I called you and I said, 'I graduate on this day,' and I remember getting that certificate and I had no family there. But I do remember that you were there. You came. You were just as proud of me as I was of myself. And you've always been proud of me, so I was like, I have to keep going.
Arne Duncan
Arne Duncan served as U.S. secretary of education from 2009-2016. He is currently a managing partner at Emerson Collective, where he leads a comprehensive effort to improve opportunities for young people in urban areas. With Chicago CRED, Duncan and Emerson Collective are first focusing on Chicago residents between the ages of 17 and ...

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