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The Evidence Is In: Teach For America Teachers Are Still Making a Positive Impact in the Classroom

Mike Hansen at the Brookings Institute's Brown Center on Education Policy reports on some impressive findings from recent evaluations of Teach for America that run counter to recent narratives that the program's results are waning. Based on studies comparing TFA teacher performance to their peers in Miami and the Atlanta metro region, he finds that TFA teachers are making a positive and significant impact even as the program matures and expands.
...are TFAers becoming less effective as the program ages? The Mathematica study is not as definitive on this as many might believe based on headline findings alone. And in addition, the evidence my co-authors and I find in both Miami and metro Atlanta suggests this is not the case. Though none of these studies’ findings comport exactly to expectations of TFA performance based on earlier results pre-dating the surge in TFA numbers, all suggest that TFAers are still contributing something extra to the classrooms they lead.

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