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The 74

The 74 on "The Prize"

Andrew Martin, Director of Special Projects at KIPP New Jersey, recently wrote an "unwritten appendix" to Dale Rusakoff's "The Prize," a book covering the educational controversies of Newark, NJ. Martin provides additional information based on his experiences in New Jersey's education sector, including a reflection on the "real educational gains" seen by Newark students.

For 2014, the most recent year that data is available, more than 40% of the black students enrolled in Newark charters attended a school that beat New Jersey’s average in their grade/subject. In district schools, that was only true for 6% of students.

Contrary to some critic’s claims, charter growth hasn’t “eviscerated” the district — at least not from a student achievement perspective. When you compare pass rates on state assessments for African-American students in Newark Public Schools to the state , it’s flat. The percentage of students attending schools beating the state average in reading and math is about the same in 2014 as it was in 2006.

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