A Tennessee Teacher's Pride

Change is possible and as Tennessee schools have proven, it can be remarkable. Educator James Dittes penned an op-ed for  The Tennessean expressing his pride over how the state, through embracing the Common Core, implementing better tests, and revamping teacher evaluations, has turned its schools around for the better—and attracted national attention and plaudits. He writes:
Tennessee isn’t an education backwater anymore. There is a “willingness to get better”....that Brad Jupp can sense from his office at the U.S. Department of Education. I would hope that any visitor to my classroom—or any in our district—will sense this, too.
Caroline Bermudez
Caroline Bermudez is chief storyteller at the Charter School Growth Fund and former senior writer at Education Post. Bermudez has been a journalist for almost 10 years. She was staff editor at The Chronicle of Philanthropy, covering the nonprofit world, with a particular focus on foundations and high net-worth giving. She has interviewed prominent business, political and philanthropic leaders ...

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