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Do Teachers Want Feedback from Other Teachers?

Observations play a big role in the evaluation of a teacher's performance, but most of these observations are conducted by principals and external evaluators. Education Week asked teachers what they think about peer evaluations, and several chimed in to say more teacher-to-teacher feedback is what's needed. And observations needn't always be critical. A teacher from New York City, Maura N. Henry, points out that newer teachers can learn a lot by observing their more experienced colleagues:
It was easy to know who to observe—we all had our strengths and they were not secrets: Christina had great classroom management skills, Kristen's math workshop was efficient and fast-paced, Mel's small groups were strongly differentiated.... The opportunity to learn from colleagues was invaluable, and the peer observation option made the teacher-evaluation process a learning one instead of strictly a disciplinary one.
J. Gordon Wright
Gordon has been at brightbeam since its founding in 2014 as Education Post. He is currently the Chief Program Officer, owning the oversight of all brightbeam platforms, including editorial content and digital activism. Previously, he served as Communications Director for Future Is Now, a nonprofit that ...

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