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Teachers Sharing Why Common Core Works in Their Classroom

This week Educators 4 Excellence announced their New York educators blog collaborative. Four teachers have joined the team to share their thoughts on Common Coreand other education policy issues every Tuesday. These new teacher bloggers hope their work will give insight to the life of a teacher and provide a fresh perspective to the education debate.
I hope that my blog will be able to provide insight into the teaching experience in New York City, but also be able to connect the challenges teachers face with policy solutions. By providing a new and fresh perspective, I hope to challenge preconceived notions of the field, provide a unique lens, and uplift the debate surrounding hot-button educational topics.
Hanna Grace Frank
Hanna Frank was Education Post’s Social Media Manager and before that she worked with Organizing For Action, a non-profit organization that advocates for President Barack Obama’s political agenda. She wrote and edited content for the organization’s various social media platforms, including the official Barack Obama Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as BarackObama.com. Hanna attended Illinois ...

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