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Educator Spotlight: The 5 Things Head Start Taught Me

Many education conversations focus on improving schools for K-12. But with the 50th anniversary of Head Start upon us, Las Vegas teacher Ashlyn Saenz-Ochoa  shines a light on the importance of Pre-K.
I am an educator. I have the honor of teaching pre-school in Las Vegas. I get to spend my days with the future. I get to look into their eyes full of hope. I get to empower their minds with questions and challenges.
Hanna Grace Frank
Hanna Frank was Education Post’s Social Media Manager and before that she worked with Organizing For Action, a non-profit organization that advocates for President Barack Obama’s political agenda. She wrote and edited content for the organization’s various social media platforms, including the official Barack Obama Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as BarackObama.com. Hanna attended Illinois ...

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