J. Gordon Wright

Teacher Tenure Just Needs Some Common-Sense Changes

The mere mention of teacher tenure sets any education conversation on edge. Either you want to keep it because it protects teachers, or you want to do away with it entirely because it’s keeping bad teachers in the classroom. No middle ground. The better conversation is definitely the one that TNTP wants to have. Today they’ve released a report, Rebalancing Tenure: A Post-Vergara Guide for Policymakers, that offers some common-sense changes to tenure systems in the majority of states. This report follows the organization’s initial blog post after the Vergara decision, one of the most clear-eyed and productive responses to follow the electrifying court decision. While it’s welcome to see TNTP formalize its recommendations for policymakers, let’s hope some of these common-sense ideas rub off on the larger discussion about our nation’s teachers.
J. Gordon Wright
Gordon has been at brightbeam since its founding in 2014 as Education Post. He is currently the Chief Program Officer, owning the oversight of all brightbeam platforms, including editorial content and digital activism. Previously, he served as Communications Director for Future Is Now, a nonprofit that ...

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