Indiana's Educational Gag-Order Bill Isn't About Curriculum. It's About Control.

Granted, we’ve experienced a plethora of “what the fuck” moments as educators over the past couple of years, but this new Indiana House Bill 1134, which is requiring teachers to submit a full year’s...

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Laura Waters

Biden Pledged to Overturn Trump’s Education Policies. So, How's It Going?

When the U.S. Senate confirmed Dr. Miguel Cardona as President Joe Biden’s Education Secretary in March 2021, legislators handed him a huge stinking mess, courtesy of his predecessor Betsy DeVos....

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Culturally Relevant Pedagogy

We Can't Protect Our Students From Racism, But We Can Prepare Them to Combat and Reject It

On January 6, when an angry mob stormed the Capitol, I was in the middle of teaching my 7th grade English language arts students about the Free African Society in Philadelphia’s 1793 Yellow Fever...

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The Only Cure for White Supremacy Is To Teach Students Real American History

On January 6, as my students were learning about the history of trench warfare during World War I, I had no idea that our own Capitol was under attack―and not from outside invaders, but from people...

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Implicit bias

I Don’t Know if Biden Can Heal This Nation, But a House Divided Cannot Stand

November 2016, I walked into my school building to students blocking their peers from coming through my classroom door. They said, “We’re building a wall, Ms. Wing,” I took a deep breath, bit my...

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Our Students Need More Than Our Outrage, They Need Dialogue

On the afternoon of last Wednesday’s attempted insurrection at the United States Capitol in Washington, D.C., Twitter was a refuge. While living and working in pandemic-related isolation, educators...

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