No Child Left Behind

NCLB at 20: The Law Sparked a School Data Revolution

Before the federal No Child Left Behind Act, the country’s view of school data was blurry, if available at all. Twenty years later, the picture is much clearer, and both supporters and critics of the...

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remote learning

The Pandemic Is Exactly Why We Need Standardized Testing

In the next few weeks, nearly all school districts in the U.S. will offer at least some in-person instruction. The worst of the pandemic school closures are likely behind us, but the real work of...

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Every Student Succeeds Act’s Fifth Anniversary: Nothing to Celebrate

Five years ago TikTok, the video-sharing social networking platform, didn’t even exist. Today, the New York Times reports that over one-third of its 49 million daily users in the U.S. are 14 years...

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Civil Rights

Betsy DeVos, Trump’s Most Effective Cabinet Member? The Answer May Frighten You.

Two winters ago, Kaitlyn Kirk, one of my premier students, came into the library with her eyes glued to her phone. Headphones in, she sat down focused on what I thought was “Fortnite” or “Game of...

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Coffee Break: Tim Daly on How EdNavigator Helps Parents Make School Choice Work

Three years ago, Tim Daly and two colleagues left TNTP (The New Teacher Project) and launched a new effort called EdNavigator. The organization aims to help parents negotiate school choice decisions...

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student success

No Child Left Behind Had a Lot of Problems But I Miss the Days When We Cared About How All Kids Did in School

Once upon a time, well-heeled suburban schools used to have to worry about whether all their students made the grade—not just some of them, not just the White ones and the middle-class ones. The...

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