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Struggling Students Are More Engaged When Thinking Critically

Middle school teacher Kelly Pieprzyk shares a story about a student who refers to her reading intervention class as his "thinking class." We've heard from many teachers like Kelly who find that struggling students are more engaged in lessons that require them to think critically and collaborate with their peers. These teachers' experiences are proof that raising expectations raises student achievement.
His grandma told me that he really likes it because there's good stuff he's reading and he gets to do a lot of talking about it. I think it's an example that some of our kids who are not as motivated or not as engaged throughout the rest of the day, they're finally having a voice and being able to participate and feel comfortable.
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Charlie is the Program Director for State Fellowships at America Achieves, where he has led the creation of teacher leadership programs in Colorado, Michigan and New York.
Charlie Cummings
Charlie Cummings is the senior director of the America Achieves Fellowship for Teachers and Principals and the founding partner of Educator Voice Strategies. His career began as a fifth-grade teacher in St. Louis, where he started an after-school sports club to teach students how to play ...

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