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Statement on President-Elect Trump's Nomination of Betsy DeVos for U.S. Secretary of Education

Betsy DeVos is a well-known proponent of school choice, but her home state of Michigan, where she has played an active role in expanding choice, has a mixed record on charter school authorizing and accountability. As the U.S. Secretary of Education, her job will be to fight for all children by advocating for accountability in all schools—including traditional and public charter—and more high-quality educational options where they are both wanted and needed. We are hopeful that, under her leadership, the U.S. Department of Education will continue to protect children of every race, income level, background and ability by speaking out against discrimination, intolerance and bullying, by encouraging high standards, and by demanding absolute transparency around results and robust systems of accountability. America's children are counting on her.
Peter Cunningham
Peter Cunningham is the founder of Education Post and serves on its board. He served as Assistant Secretary for communications and outreach in the U.S. Department of Education during the Obama administration’s first term. Prior to that he worked with Arne Duncan when he was CEO of the Chicago Public Schools. Peter is affiliated with Whiteboard ...

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