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education reform

Shavar Jeffries, new head of DFER, speaks with Washington Post's Lyndsey Layton

In a recent interview in the Washington Post, reporter Lyndsey Layton sat down with DFER's new president Shavar Jeffries. The two discussed, among other things, the role of leaders of color in the otherwise very white education reform movement. Jeffries says,
In the reform movement, we’ve seen Teach for America, for example, has a very diverse demographic … and in charter networks throughout the country, we’re seeing more folks of color, particularly people coming from the community these schools are serving. But there’s always more that can be done across all institutions of this country to diversify and make sure that other groups that may have historically not been given opportunities have access. I don’t view that as anything unique to the ed reform space. But that being said, I think ed reform can make some improvements.
Shavar Jeffries serves as president of Democrats for Education Reform (DFER). Jeffries began this role in September 2015, and brings a personal commitment to ensuring that a child’s zip code does not define their destiny. From his efforts fighting for fair funding practices to get schools the resources they deserved to his service leading the New Jersey Attorney General’s Juvenile Justice and ...

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