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Charter Schools

RI Governor Commits to Fixing School Funding Formula But Stays Strong on Protecting Charters Too

Erika Sanzi, who writes for us here at EdPost and at her own blog 'Good School Hunting', reports out on RI Governor Gina Raimondo's executive order, signed yesterday, to bring a commission together to revisit the fairness of the school funding formula on the books since 2010. School funding has been very contentious and has led to some of the divisiveness between traditional district schools and charter schools. Raimondo has been clear that she will not support any attempts to halt charter growth or close current schools, despite pressure from superintendents, school committees and some lawmakers to do so.
Gina Raimondo, the Governor of my little state of Rhode Island, has emerged this week as a leader on the very contentious issue of education funding. Not only has she ordered a review of the current funding formula but she isn’t shying away from talking about the startling disconnect between the $1 billion that Rhode Island spends on public education and its persistently mediocre student outcomes. Even prior to her election as Governor of the smallest state, she spoke candidly about how much better Massachusetts is doing at educating its children.
Erika Sanzi
Erika Sanzi is a mother of three sons and taught in public schools in Massachusetts, California and Rhode Island. She has served on her local school board in Cumberland, Rhode Island, advocated for fair school funding at the state level, and worked on campaigns of candidates she considers to be champions for kids and true supporters of great schools. She is currently a Fordham senior visiting ...

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