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Q & A at The 74 with Colorado State Senator (and Former Teacher and Principal) Mike Johnston

Matt Barnum of The Seventy Four shares out what he learned during a lengthy phone interview with Colorado State Senator, Mike Johnston. Not only does Johnston talk frankly about the controversial teacher evaluation system he was key in pushing through, but he highlights the collaboration he's seen from certain union leaders and shares his thoughts on other education initiatives on the horizon in his state. He frequently reflects on his own years as a teacher in principal which makes him unique in the world of state senators charged with drafting and voting on education policy.
I think the key part of our conversation and our belief is that we ought to care about outcomes. That's true for kids, that's true for adults, that's true for systems. We ought to care not just that a student went to one of our schools for twelve years, but that when they leave, they're actually ready for college or for career.
Mike Johnston was a Teach For America corps member in the Mississippi Delta, a principal for six years in Colorado, and served as a senior education advisor to President Obama. He just wrapped his tenure in the Colorado State Senate where he fought for pivotal education changes, including improved identification of students with learning disabilities, the provision of in-state tuition for ...

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