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Success Academy

PBS Ombudsman Offers His Take On the Merrow/Moskowitz Spat

PBS Ombudsman Michael Getler weighs in on what he calls a 'bruising battle in the schoolyard' between News Hour's retiring John Merrow and Success Academy's Eva Moskowitz and it's clear he believes that PBS erred in its production of the story as well as its handling of the criticism.
I, too, had problems with this segment but mostly of a different sort, and the question I ask myself, and also asked the NewsHour, among other points, is why this segment could not have been held-up to do more work on it, beyond the acknowledged failure to let Moskowitz respond directly to the claims of the mother and her son. Again, this is a very serious and important subject, aimed at a forceful, very high-profile figure in the charter school universe, and you would want it to be as credible and bullet-proof as possible. This segment did not achieve that, in my view.

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