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Parents Support Common Core Once They Understand It

Gloria Jean Sweet-Love, president of the Tennessee State Conference of NAACP Branches. writes in The Tennessean that higher standards are not only needed but are what parents want. She cites 4 national polls that demonstrate that parents, regardless of where they live, support high and consistent standards for their children in school. It is her belief that we will serve all students well, especially poor students of color,  if the Tennessee legislators head back to work in support of Common Core instead of fighting over what the standards should be.  
Tennessee State Conference of the NAACP is committed to the standards and to ensuring that they are implemented equitably, so that we begin closing the achievement gap for low-income students and students of color. Despite an impressive misinformation campaign, many parents hadn’t heard very much about the standards, so we hosted 10 events to educate and inform them about the new standards. After hearing about the benefits of higher, consistent standards, parents were overwhelmingly supportive. These parents support these challenging standards because they know that a good education is key to their children’s success. Parents want more information about how their children are doing academically that they can actually use and understand so that they can play their part in helping their children succeed. They also expect the state and the schools to help them understand how best to help their children. Too many parents told us that they are not always sure what supports and interventions are available for their children.

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